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Growing startup businesses together

About DBH SeedStar

​Tailor-made business solutions
​to start off and accelerate your company.

​DBH SeedStar is a Dutch-Hungarian incubator and accelerator. As a member of DBH Group with 20+ years of international investment experience we are assisting the development of start-up and growth stage companies with international breakout opportunity. Our goal is to make startups more predictable and attractive for international venture capital.

What we offer


50+ highly motivated international mentors and experts
​from a variety of backgrounds 


From idea phase company to an investible one
Tailor-made consultancy services from our professional team of consultants
Financial, legal or marketing consulting, project management  
Serviced, co-working and virtual offices 
Go-to-market advice from peers and mentors
Preparation for acceleration​


Full validation on the Western European market 
International business development and acceleration in the Netherlands
Soft landing program with local assistance and office space capitalizing on one of the most desirable 
​tech-hubs of the world, in Brainport region, Eindhoven.
Massive network of investors
20+ years of VC and international business development experience
Unique portfolio of services and tailor-made programs